POLAR++: Active One-shot Personalized Article Recommendation


We study the problem of personalized article recommendation, in particular when the user’s preference data is missing or limited, which is knowns as the user cold-start issue in recommender systems. We propose POLAR++, an active recommendation framework that utilizes Bayesian neural networks to capture the uncertainty of user preference, actively selects articles to query the user for feedback, and adaptively learns user preference with one-shot learning. For the article recommendation, we design an attention-based CNN to quantify the similarity between user preference and recommended articles, which significantly improves the performance with only a few articles rated by the users. We evaluate the proposed POLAR++ on datasets of different scale and sources. Experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed model. We have successfully deployed POLAR++ into AMiner as the recommendation engine for article recommendation, which further confirms the effectiveness of the proposed model.

IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering
Zhengxiao Du
Zhengxiao Du
PhD Student

My research interests include machine learning and data mining.